The Trisul LUA API

The Trisul LUA API allows you to build your own powerful tooling on top of the Trisul platform. The embedded LuaJIT interpreter offers almost close to C performance.

Latest News
6-Sep-2023 Added flow_counter for simple_counter to allow calling in NETFLOW_TAP mode
20-Nov-2022 New attribute resolver_guid for new Counter Groups
25-Jun-2020 New methods T.contextname, T.env.domain_configfile added to T to retrieve context_name and query Trisul domain configuration parameters.
2-Feb-2020 New development tools Use the testbench options luatestdir and TRISUL_LUA_PATHS env variable. Avoid copying under-development LUA scripts to standard Trisul probe search paths.
29-Dec-2019 New flowkey() method added to object Layer
10-Oct-2019 New MAXIMUM and MINIMUM counter types added. See T.K.vartype
23_Jun_2018 New async execution model. Script can request more async workers by the TrisulPlugin.request_async_workers parameter. New Protocol Handler script feature allows you to attach to any host protocol and port without using the Access Points user interface

Getting started links

Here are some key resources to get you started.