Links to Reference for all configuration files, executables, and scripts.


  1. All trisul binaries are located under /usr/local/bin
  2. All config files are located under /usr/local/etc/trisul-[hub|probe|config]
  3. All helper scripts are located under /usr/local/share/trisul-[hub|probe]
  4. All instances of Trisul (contexts) have their own config directory under context_{xyz}

Config files

Here are some commonly used config files.

  1. The main Trisul-PROBE config file : trisulProbeConfig.xml
  2. The main Trisul-HUB config file : trisulHubConfig.xml
  3. The Netflow config file : netflow-config PI-7CA

Plugin Config files

Each subsystem has its own config file. The files are named PI-xxxx.xml See Plugin Configuration

See the video in Editing plugin config files


trisul The main trisul daemon