Alert Group

Create a new Alert Group.

You can extend Trisul’s functionality by creating your own Alert Groups in addition to Trisul built in ones. You can then use the LUA API to generate alerts for that group. They will be integrated into the user interface and the metrics backend seamlessly.


Table alertgroup

The table alertgroup has a single section called control that assigns a GUID to the group.

  1. control — the GUID, name, and description

alertgroup = {

   -- id and parameters of new group
  control = {
    guid = '{0409EAC7-1E60-43D3-C0FA-A87429F99728}',
    name = 'My SSH Alerts',
    description = 'Alert on successful login and ssh events'

name description
table control assigns a name and guid to the new alert group

Table control

The control table assigns a unique GUID to the new alert group.

guid string A guid that identifies the group.
name string Name of the alert group. Keep it short < 15 chars
description string