Top level LUA Objects

The LUA API is built around functions and objects

  1. The Trisul platform will call functions you write at the appropriate times
  2. It will make available to you various objects you can use to navigate and access information
  3. Using some other objects you can inject various information and metrics into Trisul

List of objects

The objects are

  1. T – a global table called T that contains various utilities and state information
  2. Buffer – wraps a byte buffer
  3. Packet – represents a packet which in turn contains many protocol layers
  4. Layer – a protocol layer
  5. Engine – the Trisul platform stream engine you can add information to this
  6. Flow – represents a network flow
  7. HTTPHeader- methods to work with HTTP Headers
  8. AC – Utility for multi string matching. Aho-Corasick
  9. RE2 – Utility for Regex. Wraps the Google RE2 library